Cryptostamping 101

Most people ask us why can’t we explain what cryptostamping is in a single line. its like trying to explain what Facebook is when the world hasn’t even heard of social network in the first place.

To understand crypto stamping, you have to try to imagine a different future that doesn’t exist yet, one where internet reached an unproportionable size filled with both useless and useful content, both bot generated and user generated content, both spam and authentic content. where cryptostamping is probably the only way to draw a line in between them and bring back value to the user generated content.

cryptostamping is a system where people stamp on websites, articles, posts, images, games, videos, almost anything hosted on internet. The way you do it can be as simple as clicking a button that the website/game itself embedded. or use a browser plugin to stamp a url without any need for embed too.

Add Value to your content.

By attaching an NFT stamp that has some real value on a webpage or article, you are adding or staking the value of your NFT into that webpage. and when compared with countless bot-generated and spam that try to take over the internet, your website will stand out! and it does this through a decentralized system that NO ONE controls, and publicly VISIBLE to everyone on the internet.

And if you’re amazed by this idea that is in it’s genesis phase, continue reading as that’s just the beginning of it all, the revolution that is to come. This is not an attempt to over-hype, it truly and authentically has the potential to scale infinitely.

A Verified & Authentic Support.

Imagine where people can authentically support a project or a movement or may be even the opposite — ban.


  • Squid game Fraud could have been totally avoided, if a famous crypto verifier puts a red alert on their webpage with a stamp.
  • You see people listing partners or affiliates on many websites, but there is no proof that it is as true as they say. with crypto stamping, its as authentic it can get.

Create a trusted Following.

Imagine where people can create a following by just stamping on websites or articles that they like.


  • A game streamer, film reviewer or an art critic can promote a gem hidden in the commercial market by creating a fool-proof stamping history.
  • Instead of following influencers on social platforms where there can be a hundred false accounts, people will trust a stamp more that is on block chain, verified by the public and cannot be fraud up on.

A Gateway into public-payments.

Imagine where people can ask for donations or micro-payments on their web post by just embedding and the donator's themselves can also be listed out in the embed.

one of the key issue with many donation sites, is their centralized control, but with cryptostamping, everything is public including the donators who made the donations and the payment system that’s on blockchain.

The Main intention behind web3 is to decentralize internet and take away control from the big monopolies that try to control what a user sees. with cryptostamping, we are adding wings to web3 so that it can truly show its power.


  • Crypto-stamping is a system that has the potential to turn any and all digital products into something more VALUABLE by attaching NFT stamps.
  • it creates a DECENTRALIZED networking, imagine Facebook except Mark Zuckerberg does not control it or any other individual or organization for that matter.

Derivative Use-cases.

  • A way to add value to your digital content.
  • A public payment system that anyone can integrate.
  • A decentralized network that no one controls.
  • An authentic means to credit partners, affiliates, makers.
  • & limitless more possibilities..

Crypto stamping is and will be restructuring the digital world for years to come.

From websites that are dynamic, to something as complex as metaverse, you can add value to any digital content and it just gets better and more authentic with the growing spam of internet.

Not comparing to the volatile NFT markets that depend on hype & community activity, crypto stamps will always be valued for its inherent utility and its historic impact as a turn-point of the digital media.

At the moment of writing this article, Nov 25, 2021, there were exactly 99 Limited NFT Badge Airdrops awaiting those who took the leap and were a part of the revolution when only it was a spark.

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